We have moved!
We have moved to a better office at a better location. We hope this to be more convenient...
Adobe Partnership Commitment
Creasis is now officially an ISV Adobe Partner Connection Solution Partner.
Turkish Airlines (THY) goes mobile!
Turkish Airlines is currently the fourth largest carrier in Europe with a vision of...
Sun Microsystems Associate Partnership
Creasis is officially a Sun Partner Advantage Associate Partner for Independent Software...
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We can provide mentoring services allowing acceleration in software develepment processes and project development.

Project Implementation
We have extensive experience in project implementation may they be modules or the project as a whole.

We provide standard and customized technology training services to companies in persuit of in-house software development.

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Our partners are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise.

Our mission is to integrate proven techniques and technologies to innovatively deliver solutions to today's complex business challenges.



Our Business to create tailore solutions for your company's specific needs by opening new window to your customers, employees and stakeholders, allowing them to reach your enterprise information systems data safely and easily.

By using leading edge applicaton development tools and technologies, we are able to produce andvanced bespoke solutions at lower costs.

Our tailored solutions can naturally evolve to meet your exact requirements at any point in time, supporting growth rather than a point of friction.

Our Strategy focused on achieving through global growth and diversification. We manage short-term risks and uncertainties targeting logn-term rewards. Our growth strategies to realize this vision are to:

  • Partner with our clients to provide robust solutions, enhance their presence in the parket and to increase productivity,
  • Establish or maintain affordable and non-restrictive solutions, and
  • Diversify geographically, entering new markets within both Turkey and abroad.

Our Team

...from different backgrounds such as telecom, core banking, business intelligence, is all acquinte with medium-to-large scale projects.

With years of experience, coupled with know-how and passion, Creasis can be your solution partner with:

  • Analysis,
  • Design,
  • Mentoring, and
  • Development.

Creasis brings the latest achievements in software development technologies down to earth and employ them to deliver true business value.