We have moved!
We have moved to a better office at a better location. We hope this to be more convenient...
Adobe Partnership Commitment
Creasis is now officially an ISV Adobe Partner Connection Solution Partner.
Turkish Airlines (THY) goes mobile!
Turkish Airlines is currently the fourth largest carrier in Europe with a vision of...
Sun Microsystems Associate Partnership
Creasis is officially a Sun Partner Advantage Associate Partner for Independent Software...
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Web based application development is more powerful than ever. Meet the Spring Framework...

Characteristics of desktop applications made available on the web. RIA offers functionality, usability and flexibility no other HTML standards can...

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is effective, reasonably low cost, reliable. Today more companies choose cloud infrasturectures for deploying their solutions.

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We can provide mentoring services allowing acceleration in software develepment processes and project development.

Project Implementation
We have extensive experience in project implementation may they be modules or the project as a whole.

We provide standard and customized technology training services to companies in persuit of in-house software development.

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TelcoAnalytics for MNOs
A rich web based analytics application, designed solely for telecommunication companies for the use of their large corporate customers.

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