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Adobe Partnership Commitment
Creasis is now officially an ISV Adobe Partner Connection Solution Partner.
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Turkish Airlines is currently the fourth largest carrier in Europe with a vision of...
Sun Microsystems Associate Partnership
Creasis is officially a Sun Partner Advantage Associate Partner for Independent Software...
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Creasis is officially a Sun Partner Advantage Associate Partner for Independent Software Vendors.

By achieving Associate Partner status, Creasis joins the growing community of ISVs that are developing applications for or porting applications to the Sun platform.

The benefits to Sun customers include access to a broader range of solutions through collaboration between Sun and its partners as Sun provides its latest technologies and software upgrades.

Sun Partner Advantage Program

Introduced in September, 2005, the Sun Partner Advantage Program, for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), is designed to make it easier for ISVs to get the resources they need to go to market faster on the Solaris 10 OS, link with Sun's Marketing, extend their sales reach, harness the expertise and connections of Sun's partner ecosystem, and help grow their business. The Program helps create an increased level of collaboration among Sun and its ecosystem of technology partners. By participating in the Sun Partner Advantage Program, ISVs receive simplified, programmatic, Web-based access to the resources they need to help them succeed in each stage of the application life cycle: design, development, deployment, and operation. For complete details about the individual offerings that are available, go to

September, 09 2009