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IZNIK FOUNDATION, Istanbul, Turkey.

Founded in 1993, Iznik Foundation has managed to attain this major achievement through the unsparing efforts of the 45-member team of the "Ceramic Research Center" and the "Tiles and Ceramic Corporation" along with the efforts enlisted by Istanbul University, Mimar Sinan University, TÜBİTAK (Research Institute of Turkey) and Princeton University, USA.



When we have first met with our client, they were lacking a website for their business targetted for international markets as well as Turkey.

Our client was in need of a "presentation" website with as few text content as possible, rich in images. Considering the products and services they provide which speak for themselves, this request was well in order.

With our main goal, creativity, in mind, we aimed for new and creative solution for this case. Entrance page

Since our client serves mainly architects, who are more impressed with what is (the walk) than what will be (the talk), and are equipped with high resolution displays for carrying out their designs, we thought "Why not a full screen HD website." After all, what would better present the product.

Thus, we have created on a two version (Flash and HTML), dynamic content website for our visionary client. The result is quite impressive if you have a chance to visit the site using a full HD display.


To Be More Technical...

First of all, the site is managed by our own content management system CreaCMS. The programming language, even though we do not so much prefer, is PHP due to resource restrictions. We promote Java all the way.

On the dynamic HTML site, client-side scripting we use CSS3 and Javascript. The site supports for Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox and Safari. Flash site, with no neet for mentionin is universal.

Iznik Foundation Website

*Please note that the screen-shots are taken on a High-Definition monitor at 1920x1200 screen resolution.

The Performance Issue, Not!

Quality of images and loading performance is very critical in such an application. Since there are eight major screen resolutions used around the world, we decided, why not support them all?

This may be easy to do on Flash sites, you load up a single large size image which Flash resizes to every resolution, but when it comes to HTML, CSS and Javascript combination, this single large file is a problem.

Here is our theory, the larger the screen the higher the bandwidth. This is the case for most internet users. If the user is more into hardware, it is also safe to assume that the internet connection for the user is faster. Wrong assumption? Well... No complaints yet.

Since the project images are all fullscreen background images and we have to support 8 different screen resolutions, we optimized the image for each and every one of these resolutions.

Iznik Foundation Website Aspect Ratios

Having said so, if you have a display of 1920x1200  your browser will download that version of the background while some other user with 1024x768 resolution will download the related one. All of course with relative file sizes.

Check it out and let us know, in the mean while please have your corn popped and enjoy...