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TelcoAnalytics Logo

TelcoAnalytics is a rich web based analytics application, designed solely for telecommunication companies for the use of their large corporate customers. It provides the most comprehensive array of telecommunications data analysis and data visualization procedures.

The idea behind TelcoAnalytics is to create a secure online analysis tool that offers corporate customers a clear overview of their mobile communications data. TelcoAnalytics helps telecommunications companies to reduce churn through increased customer satisfaction, reduce customer support costs and gain competitive advantage over their competitors.

Our RIA (rich internet application) analytics tool promises greater interactivity and flexibility from data acquisition to in-depth analysis. Further, the flexible, scalable technology we used in our application helps companies implement best practices and facilitate telecommunications data sharing and collaboration among decision makers.

TelcoAnalytics does all the hard work to turn your customers' vast amount of data into easy to understand graphs and charts. The more your customers interact, the more they will enjoy the power of simplicity.

Technology Used In TelcoAnalytics

We have integrated proven technologies to our solution. The design is based on modular approach, allowing scalability for future expansion.

The core technology running under the hood of TelcoAnalytics is Java EE, thus it works on any platform. Though, platform independence is not only limited to server-side. On the client-side, the graphical user interfaces are powered by Adobe's Flex technology, making it a truely platform independent solution, unrivaled for both technology and user experience.

Key Benefits For Telecom Operators

  • Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership),
  • Decreased customer churn,
  • Increased customer satisfaction,
  • Competitive differentiation,
  • Operational cost reduction,
  • Less customer support requests to handle,
  • Stronger presence in the market,
  • New business customer acquisition.
  • A favorable image of your company,

Key benefits For Corporate and Enterprise Customers

  • Online bill access,
  • Meaningful data visualization through graphical charts,
  • Bill analysis,
  • Near real-time reporting,
  • Managing costs,
  • Timely quota notifications,
  • Downloadable reports.

Advantages Of Web Based Analytics

Web based analytics offer decision makers several advantages including improved data management, near real-time access to data and interactive drill-down graphic capabilities. Web based delivery is also fast and economical.

System integrators and data managers are constantly challenged to build solutions that are flexible and scalable to meet the needs of growing organizations. Delivering analytics over the web is the perfect solution. A web based delivery system avoids the tedious and time consuming task of fitting individual PCs with the latest software. Delivering technology using a simple web browser makes it easy for users to access the analytical tools they need to gain insight from their data.