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Adobe Partnership Commitment
Creasis is now officially an ISV Adobe Partner Connection Solution Partner.
Turkish Airlines (THY) goes mobile!
Turkish Airlines is currently the fourth largest carrier in Europe with a vision of...
Sun Microsystems Associate Partnership
Creasis is officially a Sun Partner Advantage Associate Partner for Independent Software...
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Project Implementation
We have extensive experience in project implementation may they be modules or the project as a whole.

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Our mission is to integrate proven techniques and technologies to innovatively deliver solutions to today's complex business challenges.



Cloud Empowered Solutions

Today, businesses are over-whelmed by the increasing TCO (total cost of ownership) driven by administration and maintenance costs for deployment of their internet applications.

Scaling your startup hardware systems to larger deployments do not only require marginal development but also increased administration, redundancy and maintenance costs.

Creasis has extensive hands-on experience on deployment and management of Cloud Computing Services provided by Amazon Web Services.


Top reasons for Cloud Computing:

Your computing platform instances can be up and downgraded with ease and in a fraction of physical environment requirements. Depending of your environment requirements, your instances can be set to automatically scale themselves.

Your instances are completely controllable with ease. You and your instances can interact with one and other as in any physical environment.

Depending on your needs, a wide variety of instance types with memory, CPU and storage capacity options are available to your choosing. A number of operating system distributions are available for Linux, Microsoft Windows Server and OpenSolaris.

The cloud environment is highly reliable and commits availability of 99.95%. Your systems and instances are not affected with hardware and utility failures as is the case in pretty much all of the other in-house or co-location hosting alternatives.

Global or instance specific firewall principles can be set on top of operating system level measures. Virtual private cloud can furthermore isolate your instances to your requirements.

Fiber Optic Bandwidth:
You do not have to worry about limitation of quotas of bandwidth. Cloud network is connected to internet backbone.

Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership):
Besides the cost reduction of hardware and utility maintenance, cloud environment provides you optional financial benefits. Low per hour rates for on-demand and even lower per hour rates for reserved instance consumptions provides you company financial advantage of low start-up costs for large scale deployment environments.